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March 18th, 2008

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OVA3 [japanese raw]

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Fresh from Share, courtesy of anonymous ripper. Enjoy. ^__^

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OVA3 - Himegimi no Mita Yume (x264 704x396 AC3).avi (224,5mb)
japanese raw, no subs

ツバサ -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- 第23巻 DVD付初回限定版 付属DVD「ツバサTOKYO REVELATIONS 3 姫君の視た夢」


MegaUpload, SendSpace

This is it, folks, no more Tsubasa anime. At least for now. ^_~

P.S.: Please no asking "OMG I can't play it on my PC" kind of questions.
Refer to CCCP Project for latest codecs&players supported by anime community.

Edit: Use Firefox with this add-on for downloading from MegaUpload.

Edit 2: Subbed version HERE

March 14th, 2008

LJ fucks up again

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I suppose it's time to transfer the entries... damn
Fuck them for giving me so much trouble! D:

December 3rd, 2007

Oh well...

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Just passing through, don't mind me~~~~
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